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Photographic artist Nadia Culph, skilfully manipulates and controls light. Her still life images are inspired by nature's curiosities and wonders. Keeping her composition simple, Nadia creates stunning photographs that aim to bring the intricate details of nature to the fore. They are a reminder to 'stop and smell the roses', to slow down and appreciate the little things.


Living in Melbourne's leafy suburbs,

Nadia takes inspiration from her local surroundings and Australia's native flora.

Intrigued by unusual patterns, striking colour and bold contrasts, she uses natural light to capture the unique design of her botanical subjects. Everything from Australian flowers and spring seed pods to tropical leaves and exotic feathers.

" In the age of highly sophisticated editing programs where photographs are heavily modified and transformed, I try not to alter the image to maintain as much realism as possible, to celebrate the natural design of my subjects and pay homage to their inherent beauty. The stark black and sometimes white backgrounds keep the viewer's eye on the subject without distraction. I like to keep the image simple and uncomplicated ~ a metaphor for my life really "


With over 25 years experience in fine art photography, including 10 years in the technical field of photographic printing, Nadia's images have made their way to homes and businesses around the globe.

A  5 star Etsy seller since 2016, a 2021 Art Prize finalist & featured artist at Bluethumb

and finalist in the Art Lovers Australia Art Prize three years running. with the highlight of artwork 'Blue Iris' featured on House Rules High Stakes 2020

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