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Banksia plagiocarpa ~ Blue Banksia Flower Print ~ Australian Wall Art ~ By Nadia Culph

" I thought they were a bird. Or rather, birds. On a branch, flocking. Out on a limb, imagination sparking. The mind can transform, as can fire, with tongue, laughing. Like a tired owl, hiding its eyes, the banksia misplaces birdsong, not singing. But rather in bloom. A thousand individual flowers spiral upward as feather. Beneath all of this, banksia has beak. Here, seeds speak of sleep, dormant. When fire comes, there is a shift. Things are consumed, into ash transform. Afterward, the banksia beaks sing, release seed on wings. And the wind carries this new song along to soil, darkened, so green can grow, feathering. " - Scott-Patrick Mitchell


A photographic still life of an Australian native Banksia flower.

Banksia plagiocarpa ~ Blue Banksia Flower Print ~ Australian Wall Art

  • Available as unframed, high quality archival prints in a lustre finish.
    Printed in a professional photographic lab on Canson Lustre Premium Giclée Paper, ensuring premium quality, sharp detail and vivid colour.
    Stunning artwork to brighten up your home, ideal as statement wall art for your remodeling project and home renovation, or perfect as a beautiful gift.
    If you need a particular print size or a different finish that is not listed, please contact The Random Image.
    The print sizes available for purchase in the listing are standard photo sizes to make matting and framing a breeze.
    Prints are wrapped and shipped in a durable, sturdy postal tube to prevent damage during transit.


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