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Welcome to 2022! The Random Image has undergone a makeover with a light and bright, easy to navigate format. Make sure you take a look around.


Etsy's Pick

The Random Image's 2022 calendars have been popular and selling fast to all corners of Australia and abroad to the US and Canada with over 60 currently hanging in homes. There was a surge in popularity with the Australian Botanical calendar thanks to an appearance on Etsy's homepage and in their emails - quite a proud moment for a small art business. All 6 designs are still available for purchase and give you beautiful fine art images to enjoy year round.


Art Lovers Australia 2022 Art Prize

The finalists for the Art Lovers Australia 2022 Art Prize were recently announced, with my native botanical photomontage 'Australiana' making the shortlist of approximately 120 artworks with the winner to be announced on the 9th of February.

You can cast your vote here in the People's Choice Award for your chance to win a $1,000 gift voucher.


Coming Soon

With a new year comes new ideas and new products. Notebook & pen gift packs, greeting cards and wrapping paper featuring artwork from The Random Image gallery will all make an appearance in 2022 and of course, lots of fine art prints. Keep in the loop by following on Instagram and Facebook. You can find all the links here .


Thank You

Lastly, a huge thank you for supporting small business - whether it was purchasing art, following on social media, leaving positive reviews or sharing posts, your support is truly invaluable.

- Nadia.

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